Whether you’re an elite athlete, an amateur, or just want to get your body moving, we can all use a bit of relief. Here, we’ll cover the in’s and out’s of both pre-and post-exercise, and tools to help your body recover and receive the most benefit.

Why am I sore after a workout? 

Strenuous exercise causes damage to the muscle fibers in the body, which sparks inflammation in those that have been worked (sounds scary, but it's a good thing). The body’s natural response is to try and repair the damage by putting the body into a recovery phase, thus causes Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) usually 24-78 hours post-exercise. 

This cycle of muscle damage and repair is critical for health and longevity. Not only does the repairing phase help build new muscle, but consistent working of the muscles helps to prevent future ailments (such as Muscular Dystrophy, a group of diseases that cause muscle weakening and deterioration of muscle mass). 

Keep in mind, however, that while the body can miraculously recover on its own, there are steps to take to aid in this step and ensure it is done correctly.

Adequate, Quality sleep 

According to Fobes, “sleep is the most potent recovery tool known to science.” Sleep helps the body recover from the stress it experiences during the day, such as exercise, mental stress, physical stress, and general energy expenditure. 

One study [2] demonstrated that the body’s levels of testosterone can drop between 10-15% from only receiving 5 hours of sleep (each night) over a week-long period. This is an incredibly important finding, seeing as testosterone is vital for both men and women’s ability to properly recover. Of course, individual sleep needs vary from person to person and researchers suggest that aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep per night is a good baseline for optimal performance. 

Nutrition is Key 

You’ve heard the saying, “you are what you eat”, and this couldn’t be any more true today. It’s important to focus on getting proper nutrition to help the body function properly and efficiently. 

Make sure to consume adequate amounts of protein, as this macronutrient has the ability to positively impact muscle protein synthesis [3] and can help to prevent injury and soreness.  Additionally, many plant-derived ingredients are vital for optimal recovery and addressing other issues such as pain reduction, inflammation and sleep. 

It’s best to limit the amount of processed foods and try to eat an adequate amount of whole, natural foods. Some great options are lean meats, a variety of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, etc. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration!

Supplements & CBD to Bridge Nutritional Gaps 

Men’s Health [4] suggests that CBD may help you recover faster from workouts thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, recent publicity and clinical research surrounding Curcumin has highlighted its influence on muscle replenishment [3], indicating that supplementation may aid in even greater health benefits. 

Curcumin, the principal curcuminoid of Turmeric, is hydrophobic and therefore has a hard time providing optimal health benefits when ingested normally. And we’ve created a solution.

Our team of scientific and medical experts developed an industry-leading technology that specifically targets poorly absorbed nutrients, like curcumin, and ensures optimal absorption. This same, clinically proven technology has been formulated into our Everyday Recovery, which means that you can expect optimal results to support performance and healthy response.

Ambassador Favorite!

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"Although I love all of Health in Harmony CBD products, Everyday Recovery is the one product that works the best for me. If I didn't take my Recovery everyday, I am not sure my body would keep up with me. I am almost 60 years old, but Everyday Recovery has allowed my body to push like I was in my 30s again."

Everyday Recovery combines four science-backed and synergistic ingredients: CBD, Curcumin, BCP, and Vitamin D3. It utilizes the VESIsorb® delivery system for dramatically improved efficacy of these key ingredients, ensuring you receive the maximum health and wellness benefits.



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Promoted products may help reduce temporary inflammation associated with physical overexertion or other lifestyle choices. This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure inflammation associated with any disease.  

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